Getting Started

You will be assigned a user account for your organization. It will be something related to your organization, most likely something you have chosen.
For example:

  • To log on you will enter your sites name followed by wp-admin, which will take you to a log in page, where you will then enter in your user id, and your assigned pin. For example:
wordpress log in screen
WP user login

After logging in you will be viewing your blogs dashboard. This is called a dashboard because it is the control center of your blog. You will see a menu on the right of your screen with various options that allow you to customize your content. At the top right corner you will see the name of your site.


TIP: Pressing control and clicking the title will open the actual site in a new browser tab (command click for mac users).

  • This way you can easily go back and forth between tabs to the user interface and the actual site… just make sure and refresh the actual site page each time you make changes so they will be visible to you. It’s not required you do this but it’s an easy way to monitor changes as you edit.