Menus: allows you to create multiple menus
(this section will also allow you to change the WP default mentioned in the Pages section.)

  • create a menu name (like main nav or secondary nav) in the large center tab
  • then on the right, check the boxes of the pages you want to be in that menu and click add to menu.
  • once the page reloads you will see the checked items added to your new menu.
  • you can now reorder these how you want by simply clicking and dragging them around the screen.
  • Finally make sure you save the menu by clicking the blue save button before leaving the screen, or it will not save your work.

Reason you may want more than one navigation menu, for example:

  • You created pages like- home, about, events, community works and also become a member, our officers and so forth. The main nav, you have decided, you only want home, about, events, community works in the main navigation and the pages others you want on a different menu that you can insert into the widget side bar.

For more on creating and editing menus in WordPress CMS.