About the Template

RSO’s using an SIUC server to host their site are encouraged to use WordPress as a content management system. The template used for this site is the same one RSO’s are allowed to use. It passes university and state web requirements but is easily customizable using your own images and content. WordPress is one of the fastest growing CMS applications- it’s what was used to create this website!

One of the easiest ways to begin to learn WordPress CMS is to become familiar with the user interface. New users may find it helpful to create a personal practice blog, using your personal email, for the purposes of becoming familiar with the application. It is very user friendly and you can even choose privacy settings so no one can view your practice blog but you. Who knows? You might decide you like it so much that you develop a new hobby!

For more on how to use WordPress for your site see our How to Use the Template page followed by our intro tutorial, that explains basic editing and creating in WordPress CMS.