Customizing the Template

More customization options or specific functionality is available for sites in WordPress via Plugins. There is a large database of Plugins on that you can easily access here:

Process for utilizing Plugins for your account:

  • Use Google search or the search bar within the Plugins page to find something that may be right for your site.
  • Once you find a Plugin that you want, you will need to ask the Website Owner or Web Designate to request the installation by submitting a web ticket at

Tips on finding good Plugins:

1. You want a Plugin that has been recently updated or one that is compatible with the most recent version of WordPress. Your site is automatically updated to the most current version by Web Services.

2. You want to examine number of downloads, user comments and ratings. For example if not many people have downloaded the Plugin or 8 out of 10 people say it is broken or it has a low rating, then most likely that Plugin is a dud and you should continue your search.